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[Her mother Ruth (Estelle Taylor) had become pregnant by Ronasa (Weldon Heyburn), an Indian, not by her husband Pete Springer (Willard Robinson), Nasa's presumed father.] She told Moonglow that she was glad to be a half-breed like him, in the last line of the film: This W. Fields short was the first of four 20-minute shorts the famed comedian made in the early 1930s, with Mack Sennett as producer.A provocative burlesque sequence was almost completely excised, and also cut from TV showings in the 1950s and 60s.The film was profitable due to beautiful Mexican actress Dolores Del Rio starring as Luana - an alluring native princess, the chief's alluring daughter.

However, she was able to return to Paris, and revived her stage career at a cabaret.Hear it and you won't give a damn what you do Tom-tom's put me under a sort of voodoo And the whole night long I dont know the right from wrong Hot voodoo, black as mud Hot voodoo, in my blood That African tempo has made a slave Hot voodoo, dance of sin Hot voodoo, worse than gin I'd follow a cave man right into his cave..."At the same time, she was engaged in an adulterous affair with suave playboy millionaire Nick Townsend (Cary Grant) - but as the code required, she would have to suffer the consequences as a 'fallen woman.' Returning to the US unexpectedly early from Germany, Ned discovered her infidelity and learned how she had financed his treatments.She fled on a train with young Johnny to the Southern US where she was pursued by a private detective (Sidney Toler) for much of the picture.It was the first Hollywood film to offer a view of a gay bar, with a scene in which two gay Greenwich Village waiters (dressed in maid's uniforms and carrying feather-dusters) table-hopped while singing about sailors in pajamas.The bar was earlier described as catering to unusual individuals: "Only wild poets and anarchists eat there."27 year-old Clara Bow (the sexy "It Girl" in her second-to-last film) starred as bra-less, fiery-tempered, wild "half-breed" Texas heiress Nasa "Dynamite" Springer.

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