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An open Internet is unsafe for children and parenting in this digital age is difficult.

We provide tools for parents to control unwanted content and provide a safe Internet for your family.

If you feel vulnerable to scams or temptations on the Internet, you are not alone.

Thousands of users utilize K9 as a tool to avoid these issues.

You can also choose to block websites that have been flagged for certain content, such as drugs, alcohol, pornography or violence.

These blockers decipher a site's content before it is displayed on your screen, and prevent access to content types you’ve deemed inappropriate.

The best of these programs can even send you real-time alerts to notify you of the development of potentially dangerous situations.

Additionally, internet filter software programs come with reporting features that provide you with detailed summaries of all online activity.

Some of the best include the ability to capture screenshots, log chat conversations, and copy you on inbound and outbound emails so that you can review them.

This enables you to set restrictions for certain individuals based on their age or maturity level.

With the software, you can block certain websites, allow access to a select few or any combination thereof.

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