Brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating

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M&C: Do you ever speak with the writers to find out what is going to happen with your plotlines? We’re given the scenario and freedom to take it and portray it and how we want to. That being said, straight dancing, straight acting, either would be great.

The writers did a great job, and there is stuff that is unexpected but yes you get to see how it plays out. Trevor's POVI stood off to the side and watched her as she danced her solo with so much emotion. Something he doesn't do often since he hides his emotions so well. I had this odd feeling that he felt something for me. Two of the show’s stars Trevor Tordjman (James) and Brittany Raymond (Riley) who not only dance together with in the Next Step troupe, but play boyfriend and girlfriend, just returned from a cross-Canada Next Step tour and we had the chance to speak with them.M&C: The show seems to be more focused on dance in the upcoming third season. BR: We all love the dance, we love to perform and we love that it’s focused on dance, since day one and it’s been growing and we’ve been growing. It’s awesome to incorporate so much dance into the story lines.It’s why we are all on the show, it’s really cool because the storylines are more mature this year, so the acting is more challenging, too.

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