Call me maybe dating

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They had a great, flirty first date, and made plans for a second.But then the serial networker abruptly pivoted the situation from romantic to professional.But if you want to know why Carly's track "Call Me Maybe" caught the Biebs' attention, just listen to it.

And he seems to have has spawned his own little pick-up trend.

You might have seen Carly Rae Jepsen's name in some of the same headlines as Justin Bieber's by now, but you need to know these two ARE NOT dating.

They're actually just music pals, and pretty soon they'll be working together.

Bumble Bizz is like regular Bumble except that you’re prompted to “show off your experience with photos of your work” and in addition to the usual bio there’s a section that looks like an abbreviated resume.

One sample profile features a woman named Elisabeth.

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