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Arturo's day started off pretty relaxing, he had done his usual morning excesses including a 10 mile run around the forest and the town.He had sat down to a hearty breakfast with his family where they discussed the new family that would be moving in some time in the day.“I swear the only reason mom knows what the kitchen looks like is because she told the designers what to do.God forbid she used it to actually cook something.” Callow cracked a grin and shuddered.“I know, I’d be worried if all of a sudden she started cooking,” he joked.And in your hand is a Ratatouille which just needs warming through. He pulled out the set of books and the cleaning products leaving them on the counter next to the sink.Also some bread, milk and sugar along with normal and herbal tea bags." He gave a soft chuckle, and again, Delmy found the sound soothing. It's less grandmother-ish." She began to make her way to the kitchen, or what she hoped was the kitchen, if she remembered correctly. "Delarosa is a beautiful name, I'd say it was a mature name, rather than a grandmothers name.

He love the feel of older books, the smell of the paper and the feel of pages. He cleaned the store washing all the windows and that had filled his time up enough to go and collect his siblings from school.

He jumped, and scowled at her.“Don’t do that, Delarosa,” he said, using her full name.

He only used it when she scared him like that, or he was angry with her. “And yes, I was having fun.”“Nice digs,” she said, gesturing to the spacious room.

She didn’t know how these people were, and she hoped she wouldn’t have to find out anything negative right off the bat.

“Uh, Hello Arturo De Gari,” Delmy greeted, reaching out to take the dish from him.

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