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In 1986, thirteen years after the events of the first film, two high school seniors, Buzz and Rick, race along a desolate stretch of Texas highway, en route to the OU-Texas football game at the Dallas Cotton Bowl.

Heavily intoxicated, they use their car phone to call and harass on-air radio DJ Vanita "Stretch" Brock (Caroline Williams).

He is contacted by Stretch, who brings him a copy of the audio tape that recorded the attack.

Lefty asks Stretch to play the tape on her nightly radio show so the public, which had previously mocked his case, will have to listen to him.

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Lefty has spent the last thirteen years investigating his nephew's disappearance while investigating reports of mysterious chainsaw killings across Texas.A battle between Lefty and the Sawyer family ensues. Despite her injuries, Stretch grabs a chainsaw held by the mummified remains of the family's grandmother in a ritual shrine in the rock tower, gets the upper hand on Chop Top, and attacks him with the chainsaw, causing him to fall off the tower to a presumed death.In the end, Lefty and most of the Sawyer family are killed when a grenade recovered from the hitchhiker's preserved corpse goes off prematurely. The final shot shows Stretch shouting and swinging the chainsaw similar to Leatherface in the first film.Unable to convince them to hang up, Stretch is forced to keep the line open.While passing a pickup truck, Buzz and Rick are attacked by Leatherface (Bill Johnson), who had emerged from the back of the truck. After a short struggle, Rick tries shooting Leatherface with his revolver but Leatherface fatally slices off part of the driving Buzz's head, and the car ends up crashing and killing Rick.

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