Consolidating audio files logic

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With the release of FCP X 10.1 the Consolidate command became much more sophisticated and powerful.

Managed media are media files that are physically stored inside of a Library package.

Community Member Steve Thompson wrote to us and told us about his workflow for moving entire Pro Tools sessions to other DAWs, we asked him to share it with the community.

Pro Tools 11 offers a great deal of new features but Avid seemed to have overlooked the ability to export your tracks as separate files in one action.

You could also solo each track and Bounce To Disk but that can get a bit tedious with a session that has more than 1 track.

Since I often find myself needing to send stems to collaborators, but could never see myself working in Logic full time, I set out to devise a method by which I could export all of my tracks, quickly, both with and without the effects.

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