Dating sims on gba

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Since the game is mostly dialogue, the full-screen graphics make you fell more like you’re reading the comic or watching the cartoon, so it’s very tasteful.

(You also may notice that the game is a little toned down sexually than the comic or the cartoon, so no nudity or anything like that.) Sound: 10 Although there aren’t many sounds in the game, the ones that are there are awesome!

Still, you can manage to find the ROM file for this game, you can download a patch that makes it English, which is what I had to do.

So once the translation was out of the way, I thoroughly enjoyed this game, for what it was, anyway. For those who don’t know what Love Hina is all about, you may have a slightly difficult time trying to keep up with what happens in the game.

Still trying to get into Tokyo U, Keitaro is kicked out of his house because his parents don’t understand why he’s so hung up on trying to get into such a prestigious (and difficult) school when there’s no chance. Fifteen years ago, when Keitaro was little, he made a promise with a young girl that liked him.

They promised that they would both get into Tokyo U so they could live happily ever after together.

Left with nothing to do, he goes outside to the outdoor hot spring to take a bath (Hinata Inn is built upon the Hinata Hot Springs, which means there’s a nice outdoor spring to bath in – the selling feature of the Hinata Inn).

While enjoying himself, a naked girl walks out and doesn’t realize there’s a guy in the water (without her glasses, she assumes Keitaro is another girl).

The game is all story, minus your ability to change the outcome.

His grandmother Hina runs a hotel called the “Hinata Inn” (also may be referred to as: Hinata-sou (I think) and Hinata Lodge).

Deciding to try to stay with his grandmother, he visits the Hinata Inn and can’t seem to find his grandmother.

Graphics: 8 Graphics are very good, except that they’re all taken from the TV show, so none of the graphics (except maybe the small “mug-shots”) are original to the game.

That aside, the graphics look wonderful on the GBA, and there are animations and small “movie” clips within the game.

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