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With no other option, Zane sacrifices himself to destroy the Golden Master.During Season four, the Ninja take part in the "Tournament of Elements" when they learn that Zane is still alive, having rebuilt himself using titanium.In Season three, Ninjago City has been rebuilt into a futuristic metropolis and renamed New Ninjago City. The hard drive containing the Overlord is later stolen by Pythor, who is revealed to have survived being eaten by the Great Devourer.The Ninja, striving for action, learn that the Overlord has survived the final battle and entered the Digiverse, an electronic world. Pythor captures Lloyd, and the Overlord drains Lloyd of most of his Golden Power.This allows Garmadon to escape through a portal between space-time, but he vows to one day return with enough power to wield the Golden Weapons.With Garmadon gone, the balance is temporarily restored, and the Ninja prepare to train themselves for the day the Dark Lord returns.Lloyd is revealed to be the Green Ninja, and Lord Garmadon uses the Golden Weapons to destroy the Great Devourer before running off with them.

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The original four ninja follow Garmadon into the past, and use the Golden Weapons of the past to destroy the Mega Weapon, restoring the timeline and sending the Golden Weapons into space.However, in order to keep the Sword of Fire from Garmadon, Wu travels to the Underworld to fight his corrupted brother.The four ninja follow Wu down on the dragons, who have the capability to travel between the worlds.Eventually, Nya goes looking for the Ninja, and finds out that Chen intends to use the stolen powers to transform him and his followers into Anacondrai.Though Kai destroys the Staff of Elements, Chen finds that the spell can be completed with his daughter Skylor, due her elemental power of absorption.

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