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It's no surprise the shot of the gorgeous Swiss actress as Honey Ryder sauntering out of the sea wearing a super sexy white bikini has since become iconic (so much so that the two-piece sold at a 2001 auction for about ,000 bucks). Every day is too short for me," she told that she stays youthful by getting weekly massages (they make her feel "fit and very vital"), along with 10-minute daily doses of the exercise bike combined with a half hour of stomach and back exercises.Now 76, she's still as beautiful as ever, staying healthy over the years by skiing, swimming, running, and even sex (she says it helps people look well). Was there enormous pressure to keep her teeny-tiny 18-inch waist back in the 007 days?“She was an ordinary girl, but on-camera extraordinary,” he said.His beat at Dawn television included covering the bombings that were devastating remote villages all through Swat, and he determined to meet Malala and her father the next time he was on assignment in Mingora."We're vegetarians and we grow a lot of fruit and vegetables ourselves," Starr told the , "It's time to put a stop to this ultra-skinny beauty; I've always appreciated curvy women who accept the years as they go by.What's the point of everyone looking like each other because they all go to the same plastic surgeon?

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For his family, a moment on national news was huge.What's her secret to that Bond-worthy, bangin' bod?Berry sticks to five mini-meals a day chock full of veggies and protein, along with workouts like circuit training, hiking, kickboxing, and climbing stairs with powerhouse trainers like Harley Pasternak and Ramona Braganza.2006 Bond girl Eva Green is so hot, she's smokin' (sorry, couldn't resist! Although the sexy star has said that she exercises for an hour each morning with a personal trainer doing a combo of strength and cardio, she actually hates to diet."Before my first film, the casting director asked me to lose some weight," the actress told .The 36-year-old actress recently revealed she's in the best shape of her life due to rigorous Bond girl workouts, but how exactly did she prep her insanely hot bod for the role?Harris worked with a personal trainer for two months prior to shooting, exercising five days a week for two hours a day.

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