Expatica dating nl

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Several couples who met at an Expatica Speed Date are still together, some even started a family.

I had no intention of moving here at all, but then in Sofia, while working at a Dutch multinational, I fell in love with the man who is now my partner.This is how it works: Upon arrival, you will receive a welcome drink and a list of the singles you will meet.Once the dating starts, you will have two minutes to find a click with each single of the opposite sex.A message to Dutch people: not all Bulgarians are members of the mafia, involved in cloning PIN cards, nor are we gypsies desperate to overrun your country.I'm also not here in the Netherlands because Bulgaria is some kind of hell hole that people wish to escape from! When I meet a Dutch person in Bulgaria, I don't ask them their opinion of the international ecstasy trade, so I don't see why so many Dutch people assume that I'm the expert on Bulgarian and Romanian crime.

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