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The court was told how Davies kept a diary about her pregnancy in which she said 'pregnancy is p***ing me right off' and complained how the 'monstrosity' made her 'feel fat'.The couple were living together in Bolton when Davies gave birth to a baby boy on August 23 2016, a jury heard.

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Clark and Davies are accused of putting him in a shoe box, which was wrapped in Sellotape, and burying him in a shallow grave at Heaton Cemetery (inset top) at night.

The court heard the parents 'prioritised' their own needs over that of their child and failed to buy him clothes or food.

A previous child they had, referred to as Child A (with the couple, left), was taken into care for the same reason.

His wife, Czech-born former nurse Lenka Allen (with Benedict, left), 35, said she had told their children, Natalya, ten, Freddie, seven, and Beatrice, two (all with Lenka, right), that ‘Daddy’s lost’.

Britain is reportedly preparing to pay Iran a £450million debt to help free a British mother jailed there for alleged espionage.

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