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Felony: more serious crimes that can result in longer jail sentences and other additional penalties are called felony crimes. Indecent Exposure: exposing private parts of the body to a person or persons can result in charges of indecent exposure.Lewd Conduct: any activity aiming to sexually arouse a person or persons without their consent can be labeled lewd or lascivious conduct, which is a criminal offense.Internet sex crimes can result from sexual activity taking place in chat rooms.Child Abusive Activity: includes child pornography, molestation, rape, sex with a minor, internet sex crime, neglect, and other charges.Grabel & Associates is a Michigan sex crime defense law firm dedicated to aggressively defending clients facing criminal sex offense charges statewide.Contact our skilled sex crime defense lawyers now if you or a loved one has been accused of a crime in Lansing, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, East Lansing, Grand Rapids, or anywhere else in the state.

Sexting does not have its own statute in Michigan, and can result in extremely serious CSC or child pornography charges.

A police polygraph is designed to prove a person has committed a crime, while a private polygraph can be used in some cases to prove innocence.

Neither is admissible in court, however can be influential in pre-file cases or early on in a trial.

Rohypnol: a common “date rape drug” also known as “roofies.”Solicitation: refers to attempts to initiate sexual activity with a person, such as a minor, prostitute, or other individual with whom sexual contact could be illegal.

Sex Crime: any offense involving sexual contact or penetration may be referred to as a sex crime.

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