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Her experiences in those two years in Mumbai before the couple moved to Los Angeles forever clouded the way Aarya thought of the city in which she had grown up.

“Being with my own husband would make me uncomfortable because men would pass lewd comments with even more alacrity than when I was alone,” said Aarya.

Ketki Pradhan, a French teacher in Pondicherry, told me about the time she was holding her German boyfriend’s hand when a group of men started making vulgar gestures.

An Indian woman who has got a white man must be enlightened, even by complete strangers."Ah, French women think English men are so much better than French men," says the tall girl in black. It is important for women – French women especially – to feel like they are the beautiful one in the relationship." "The other thing is that France is economically very progressive but in other ways it is 20 years behind Britain. For instance there would be no question of every woman – as is increasingly the case in Britain – saying they were a feminist. I mean, it was quite late at night and it wasn't the first bottle of wine, but I'm more or less sure that she said exactly the above. The eco-friendly refillable cups here cost two euros, so there is no point having more than one at a time.It is past midnight and we are at a party near the Place de Clichy, in a flat where you can see the Eiffel Tower from the loo. This is why English men can go out with French women but it is difficult for French men to go out with English women. "To say nothing of the socio-economic factors," she adds. "Maybe before, when France was richer, Paris was seen as the desirable city. French women meet an English man and maybe they think of a chance to live and work in London, which is what so many of them want. "I don't speak of the stag party English people, of course. These men order their drinks, neck them, slam the cups down and demand two more in fluent English.“My husband,” I replied after a while, snapping out of savouring my first-ever snorkelling session.She then asked me questions about our wedding and everything that had led to it. I later kicked myself for having misunderstood their questions as friendly banter.

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