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I've attached an excel file with both graphs and data table.

Most charts use some kind of legend to help readers decode the charted data.

You can move the legend so it’s more integrated into the chart.

Just click on the legend, and drag it by its edges to a new location.

The plot area is also filled with a muddy gray color, but I’ve removed that already.The legend entries are evenly distributed across the legend.Suppose the labelsin the legend entries different lengths.Excel charts have legends by default, and these legends have a great deal of flexibility (as well as some frustrating constraints). A legend by its very nature is somewhat separated from the chart, so a reader must move his eyes back and forth to decode the chart.Placing labels directly on or adjacent to the plotted data is more effective, but it can be more work, and for charts with a lot of data that’s entangled together, data labels may not be practical.

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