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The two writers are mutual admirers, and both have brought the proof: Winterson carries a copy of James’s A Brief History; James wants Winterson to sign three of her books, and they are not the obvious choices (Written On The Body, The Passion). It’s undergrad, so sometimes they don’t have time to get through a whole book. MJ You’re interested in debunking this idea that literature from women must be experiential.

He has read everything she’s written, including her latest, The Gap Of Time, her “cover version” of The Winter’s Tale. JW And they’re not sure that they should be doing that. I’m happy to not know what I think about stuff; I’m happy to change my mind. JW Yes, this sort of confessional – one notch up from reality TV.

Women fought to gain so many rights in the 20th century only to see 21st century women turn right around and give up one of their most important rights, the ability to demand an exclusive relationship.

If a man tells you he doesn’t want anything serious, acts as if he doesn’t want anything serious, or looks like a nigga you used to fuck that didn’t want anything serious, then you follow his lead and fit into the box he wants to put you in.

MJ On a very technical level, I was talking about supporting characters. My mother is a cop, I live with lots of women.” She said, “How many women have you read? And he said, “I don’t try to understand any character. Sometimes I tease my students at Manchester [University], I say, can you just tell me what you noticed on the way here? MJ There are times when I think there [has been] this shift in reading, where people no longer want to confront an experience with books. Whether it’s really, really brilliant, like Jon Stewart, or whether your aunt said something bad about Bill Clinton. Because, otherwise, how are you going to know that there is a different world out there? There’ll be a better model coming along soon, so you just wait until it does.

Especially with Seven Killings, a lot of these characters arose out of viewpoints I needed to have. You know nothing of female literary space.” She got me to read Toni Morrison, which changed my life. This corridor you walk down every day: what happens, 10 paces down on the left? Do you have any idea how many stairs there are, to the bottom? They also grew up with 5,000 Facebook friends who all think exactly like them. Maybe it’s not for you, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good, it’s not interesting. You can’t just keep upgrading people like you do with your phone. Whatever we were, we weren’t the upgrade generation.

JW It’s this thing about, if you’re feeling confused, if you’re feeling upset, go and do something about it.

MJ I remember one of my students came to me: “I just have to tell somebody.” I said, “What?

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If it’s your Choice to be “friends” and not make things serious, then you’re in control… There’s a difference between being a Teairra Mari and being a Beyoncé Carter, it’s called self-respect. ” He doesn’t want to slow down or be handcuffed because you aren’t who he pictured being handcuffed to.

The fact that he is telling you that he doesn’t want anything serious OR accepting the fact that you told him you weren’t ready for anything serious, means that he doesn’t think you’re special.

I get it, he says all the right things, he looks out for you, he pays for dates, and his mother loves you, but none of that matters if he’s not willing to go all in emotionally and claim you.

” “I haven’t taken my meds in four years and my parents don’t know.” I was like, “How warped is this discussion? Wait until they realise what’s in [Hermann Hesse’s] Steppenwolf.

” Whatever problems they thought he had, they just found a medication to deal with it and sent him off to school. JW I like that idea in Hesse, that lots of people have already committed suicide, they ended their life long ago – they’re just nominally here. I always tell my students, “You are going to suffer, so make sure you suffer legitimately, for something you believe in.

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