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45 game I didn't like carpet in the first five games of the year there was some holes. And the offensive line that trade those two areas are there are two main areas of concern.The self outing that gonna go off between the scouting department. Visiting team in terms of the tunnel made LV hurl and a man sits insisting team meets it bananas everywhere demanded doubts about elements. And that was welcome fit state to your vote play the guerrillas about.

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How a lot of fire and a lot of the most players say it's not most but the hunt of the players were protests in. I pray you know like there's no way in the world can't ever ever believe.

Their car is there a Bible thumper to the full season and so he was basically trying to.

Force the players to read the Bible before the game in all the stuff on there might not in the USU.

You know I contract they're like no matter how well all except via more respect for you because you've put your body your pal. Lot of that but why let let let go and do that because at least we trust Boca. Act that you know that should suit of armour beat up on the line and you look them in the and and you know really feel like today. No lack hunkered down here a few game the W Gardner yeah some luck and and I got hurt there.

There's two minute drive we got to drive better field transport truck standard without doing it or you guys are contacted. Bring it to resonate and it will be down all the acting.

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