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Make it obvious what the user has to do and they don't have to guess and risk getting it wrong.Make it easy to do the job and the user is less likely to make a mistake and enter something they didn't mean.that there are no duplicate entries); the WHERE clause specifies Is Not Null so that blank entries in the source table are excluded (so there is not a blank entry on the list); an ORDER BY clause is included to sort sort the list in ascending alphabetical order.Choose a method to suit the individual needs of each combo box.Hi, I have a combo box in which it's value changes according to user input.

In some instances it might be appropriate to have a dynamic list - one whose contents change to reflect data already in the database.

You can type the SQL statement direct into the Row Source property text box or click the build button ( ) next to it to open the query-builder and have Access write the SQL for you...

A typical SQL statement for creating a list of unique entries will look something like this: SELECT DISTINCT tbl Staff.[Job Title] FROM tbl Staff WHERE tbl Staff.[Job Title] Is Not Null ORDER BY tbl Staff.[Job Title]; Note that the SQL statement uses SELECT DISTINCT to ensure that only unique values appear in the list (i.e.

The combo box can be used anywhere you would use a text box where it is possible to provide a list of acceptable entries.

They are most commonly used for text entries but can equally be used for numbers or dates.

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