Redating the sphinx

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Maybe the whole notion of cultural progress will have to be reconsidered. Thousands of scholars working for hundreds of years" [a bit of an overstatement as to how many persons have seriously studied the Sphinx] have studied this topic . It's just not relevant" (SCIENCE, 14 February 1992, vol. The reason this evidence is "not relevant" to my critics is that they cannot accept the implications of the evidence.When told of my work on redating the Sphinx, Egyptologist Carol Redmount of the University of California, Berkeley, was quoted and paraphrased as saying (LOS ANGELES TIMES, 23 October 1991, p. They "know" when the Sphinx was built, and no evidence can overthrow their long‑cherished beliefs. James Wiseman (Chairman of the Archaeology Department, Boston University) asserted that I am not a member of the Boston University community.Often it is a matter of choosing those 'scientific' data that best suit a particular theory, without really knowing whether they are reliable or not." Here I do not mean to posit a blanket criticism against all Egyptologists. At first they eagerly agreed to write such a piece, but after months of delay, they refused. 130‑137); and the Home Life section of THE PROVIDENCE SUNDAY JOURNAL 28 February 1993.

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Unfortunately West has used the term "Atlantis" a little too often in propounding some of his ideas and, in my opinion, he has over‑ estimated the age of the Great Sphinx (he has suggested that it may go back to ten or fifteen thousand years B. I begrudgingly got involved in the whole controversy as a favor to a couple of fellow faculty members. E.'s "man in Cairo." Lehner wrote a book [11] many years ago entitled The Egyptian Heritage in which he] discusses the Edgar Cayce psychic readings describing a very ancient society that existed in Egypt, consisting of the survivors of the lost civilization of Atlantis. Many of the Islamic militants and fundamentalists who are currently attempting to take over the government of Egypt want to destroy all the statues and monuments of ancient Egypt.West and I participated in a live television interview, with Scott Simon, concerning the age of the Great Sphinx on NBC's Saturday Today Show broadcast from New York City, 22 August 1992. I also agreed to be interviewed by the Association for Research and Enlightenment/The Edgar Cayce Foundation on the age of the Sphinx; for the published version D. Richards, 1988, Archaeological anomalies in the Bahamas. To begin with, one must realize (as I did not at first) that the dating of the Great Sphinx seems to be a very touchy subject for most modern Egyptologists. Still, most living Egyptologists maintain that the Sphinx was built by, or at least around the time of, Khafre.Despite the fact that some of the early founders of modern Egyptology (such as Sir Flinders Petrie, Sir E. Questioning the age of the Sphinx seems to shake the very foundations of conventional Egyptology.

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