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This structure had portions of its legs removed and was moved to Somersby when the park changed location.In the light of additional media attention the dinosaur was renamed "Ploddy".Over a period of only 18 months following the fire, teams of highly skilled workers transformed an enormous, burned out shell of a building, into one of the most unusual zoological attractions anywhere.Entry to the exhibition can only be gained through the gaping jaws of a 30-metre-long model crocodile.

In December 2011, Elvis lost two teeth during an attack on park staff and their lawnmowers.The Lost World of Reptiles is home to some of the park's reptile collection and is many visitors highlight of the visit.One of the most exciting Australian zoo developments in a very long time is Spider World.Eric had been implicated in the disappearance of two indigenous children in the 1980s, and was captured for the safety of the community.He was first taken to Darwin Crocodile Farm, where he bit off the heads of two female crocodiles with whom he was supposed to mate, and lost his right rear foot in a duel with a fellow crocodile.

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