Sedating a toddler while sick

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Please arrive for your appointment at the requested time.Depending on the planned method of sedation for your child, it can take up to 45 minutes for the medication to work.All of these monitors are used to better assure the safety of your child.A complete array of emergency medications are always in the room with any sedated child and both the doctors and their staff are fully trained in their use.Jump to: Safety | Pre-sedation Instructions | Post-sedation Instructions Pediatric dentists are trained in a wide range of methods to help children feel comfortable during dental treatment.

Back to Top We will give you a comprehensive sheet of post-operative instructions on the day of your child’s appointment.Tell-Show-Do is a technique during which a pediatric dentist might name a dental instrument, demonstrate the instrument by using it to count your child's fingers, and then use the instrument in treatment.We also use the modeling technique which pairs a timid child in dental treatment with a cooperative child of similar age.Please have the child wear shirts with short sleeves or no sleeves. Comfortable pants or sweat pants should also be worn as well as comfortable flat shoes. Please bring an extra set of clothes for the child being treated. A change in your health, especially the development of a cold or fever is very important. A responsible adult must drive the adult patient home.Please bring their favorite blanket and/or stuffed toy. Any child receiving sedative management must be taken home by the parent and a second adult.

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