Sex dating dvd

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It's time to cut through the rubbish taught in the media, education system, and the Church, so that the next generation can build successful marriages and families, without all the physical and emotional baggage.

Anyone can see how highly sexualized our society has become.

In The Mingling of Souls, he reveals the process Solomon himself followed - Attraction, Courtship, Marriage..Arguing.

Chapters such as "Conflict Will Define Your Marriage" and "Sex Is Romantic, Gentle, Sensuous, Godly" will radically change how readers view-and approach-love.

Everywhere the eye can look from TV, movies, magazines and websites to advertising, we are living in sex-saturated society.

The ramifications and consequences to our culture - especially the youth - will play out for generations to come.

Emotions rise and fall with a simple glance, touch, kiss or word.

We are inundated with songs, movies, and advice that contradicts God’s design for love and intimacy.

Let that be your consolation, because there's no chance of you ever getting any of your money back.

Christian Dating: The Movie - DVD – Al L, 03/20/2012This movie entertains while communicating Christian principles.

“God’s plan is for a man and a woman in the bond of the marriage covenant to have their souls – not just their bodies – become one.” Topics: The Covenant, Progress, Common Grace, & The Long Game (Q&A session included) Scripture says we're to nurture our hearts above all else - yet we are inundated with songs, movies, and advice that contradict and cheapen God's design for love and intimacy.

Matt Chandler, one of today's top Christian voices, helps navigate these issues for both singles and marrieds.

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