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Thousands were arrested and eight years later, hundreds have yet to be sentenced.

Their fate has returned to the spotlight following the kidnapping of around 30 Lebanese soldiers and policemen in August 2014.

Despite assurances that the Internal Security Forces are now fully in control of the facility, the new third floor islamist quarters are still off limits to visitors, and even to the man in charge of the prisons himself.“I can confirm that Roumieh prison is an operations room for Isis,” interior minister Nohad al-Machnouk told the local press following the raid. In the abandoned building, a clean-up is under way.

Most of the 865 prisoners in the Islamist bloc were arrested during the 2007 operation in Nahr el Bared, a Palestinian camp in the north of the country.

An Islamist group called Fatah al-Islam battled with the Lebanese army.

Video provided by Reuters Southern states appear to be losing ground against the Chinese tallow, a highly invasive tree rapidly overtaking native forests.

Scientists are working with the USDA on the possible release of a beetle that eats tallow roots and leaves.

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