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They included taking in the ruined home of a local family and bringing in ex-Cowboy Deion Sanders to give Under Armour-branded ware to a high school football team that had worked to clean up its school.Other notable television journalists, including CNN's Anderson Cooper and Strahan's GMA colleague Robin Roberts - a native of Alabama - returned from their slated off-time to commandeer broadcasts for their respective networks.Her toolbox, which is also the same yellow color as her jacket, is stuffed with her tools of the trade, including a spanner, a monkey-wrench, and a hexagonal wrench key, among others.

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However, there is more to her than just her bubbly personality and sunny demeanor, as she is also responsible for having revitalized Hammerhead when business started going downhill.What was clear was that he had been getting down to brass tacks the previous day, hugging emotional residents and taking in the scope of the devastation.He then continued those efforts on Tuesday, meeting a high-school football team who had cleaned up after the storm.Insiders told the paper that ABC execs hadn't requested Roberts come back early, but the veteran TV personality did so on her own accord. 'From 1993 to 2007, Michael played on the New York Giants football team. with Kelly from 2008 to 2016, before leaving for his current position as a co-anchor at Good Morning America.Strahan took to social media last week to send a message of hope, writing, 'To my hometown of Houston and everyone there... Aside from his sports accomplishments, he's also acted in Magic Mike XXL, Are We There Yet?

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