Updating a lamp base with paint

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The best method will depend on the fabric and color of the original shade, as well as the desired look of the new shade. For a solid color that is darker than the shade’s current color, using fabric dye is a simple option.

This pineapple shaped lamp from Remodelaholic is recycled with a simple spray of yellow.

Set the seam of the original lamp shade down at the edge of the fabric and roll the shade along the fabric until you return to the seam, tracing the bottom of the shade to create your pattern. Cut your trace marks, adding 1/2 inch to both the top and bottom and 1/4 inch on the side for folds. Use fabric spray glue to spray the fabric and roll the shade again, smoothing the fabric over as you roll.

Fold over the top and bottoms and allow it to dry completely.

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