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But he dutifully turned around and faced Nick and his camera with his most private part just barely hidden by the thin fabric of his shorts. Show me that awesome cock of yours.” Brandt looked at Nick. He was hiding what Nick, and who knows how many other people, wanted to see. “Fucking hot piece of meat, dude,” he exhaled, his camera trained closely upon it. All he had done was step over the lip of the shower…. He must have flexed his ass muscles in doing so, and that’s what Nick was responding to. See how it flows down your chest, and then ripples over your abs? Perhaps he really had been missing something by rushing through his showers all the time.

In its place was only a feeling of dangerous power—his ass could make people stop and look, could excite them in ways Brandt had never imagined. “Okay, now turn around, slowly, and just show the top of your pubes.” And just like that, the feeling of freedom evaporated and Brandt once again felt like a whore. “Is it straight to want to rip those shorts off of you? I’ve got to see that huge dick.” Brandt felt that freeing power creep back into his psyche, confusing him even more. They want to see that you love it as much as they do.” “What, you want me to start going at it right now? But what you should do is stand under the water and let it run down your body. Give it a try.” Brandt stood under the water, motionless, and let the water run down him. He looked down in surprise, and saw his nipple honed to a sharp point, goose bumps all around it.

When I began jotting stories, I had no intention of publishing anything. That’s the move that announces that you’re about to take it off. Just lift it up a bit, and then turn toward the mirror, like you’re checking yourself out. Every few seconds he would feel flashes of detachment from his own body—moments when his hands really did feel like they belonged to someone else—and then his body responded even more ardently to his touch. Brandt hoped the heat in his cheeks would not show up in the video. This simple transit made his breath ragged, and he let out a “woof!

But then my curiosity got the better of me–would anyone be willing to read what I’d written? Your audience is dying to see what’s under that tight shirt of yours, and you’re about to show them. That’s it—I’m getting a great shot of those fucking awesome abs of yours. His cock was full-on steely hard and throbbing now, though he hesitated to touch it in case it wasn’t what Nick wanted him to do. Was he really more worried about pleasing some nineteen-year-old pervert with a camera than he was about his police work? “You’re forgetting to wash something,” Nick murmured, and Brandt saw his ever-so-slight head-tip to his crotch. He was just getting the hang of this, and now it was the moment he had been dreading. ” as he repeated it, more quickly, gripping harder, friction building.

He had been told on several occasions in the past that he was too eager to please, and this was pretty much the ultimate proof. ), he tried to think—about anything other than what had just happened.

He had just jerked off in front of another person for the first time ever, and instead of being disgusted by the whole thing, he was blushing with pride. It seemed unreal, even as he soaped the semen out of his pubic hair, that he had really done it. He had become what he never wanted to be by doing what he was ordered to do.

“Now, turn away so we don’t get to see your chest right away as you uncover it. Brandt felt himself go on some kind of demented autopilot as he squirted some body wash into his hand and started rubbing it over himself. He did it without thinking, without stopping to doubt or worry. He gripped his cock with his right hand, slick with soap, and slid it down the full eight-and-a-half-inch arc from base to tip, and then he pulled it back in to press against his flat, muscular lower belly.

He pulled down the back, slowly, and was just starting to show the top of his cheeks when Nick gasped. But he bit his tongue and continued to slip the shorts down his ass. “This is how I take a shower.” “But this isn’t a shower—it’s a fantasy video. I don’t even have any soap.” Nick took a deep breath. They want to count your six pack and then run their fingers down your treasure trail and try to wrap them around your cock. ” Brandt hoped that by talking shop he could distract his still-hardening cock. Well, Josh was one of the first guys who came to my live shows, and he’s my age.” Brandt took in this information and glanced down quickly to see that his dick, as he had hoped, was starting to soften again. Nick’s eyes flashed down as well; if he was concerned by Brandt’s shrinkage, he was too much a gentleman to mention it. He rubbed his hand across his chest as Nick had suggested, and to his surprise he felt his nipples harden.–and I put up some short pieces on the Nifty Archive. He walked toward the bathroom, and Nick followed him. His voice was too soft to be commanding; it was like he was encouraging Brandt rather than ordering him to do things. Regardless, he whipped his shirt off over his head. Let’s take this a little slower,” Nick said, handing Brandt back the shirt he had dropped onto the counter. But you have to do it slowly, so they are aching to see it come off. Up until now, all that had been recorded was of him showering; if anyone he knew ever saw it, he could claim it had been made without his consent, with some kind of spy cam. He saw a grin flirt with Nick’s lips, and then Nick growled—an urgent, primal sound—“Come on, do it for me. Don’t think about them.” He shot a glance at the camera he still had trained on Brandt’s junk. His hand was soon a blur along the length of his urgently hard cock. He rinsed off the soap and took the towel that Nick had set out for him, an impossibly fluffy white monstrosity that looked brand new.I got some good feedback (a lot of it related to the relatively solid grammar of my writing–being an English professor pays off in this regard), and kept writing. Funny how Brandt was on camera, yet Nick was the naked one. Brandt reached in and turned on the water, which splashed down from three shower heads on the walls and one in the ceiling. Build the suspense before you show them those amazing pecs of yours, okay, buddy? But now he was going to be recorded beating his meat, and he would have to look totally into it. “Perfect.” Nick’s exhaled praise was barely audible, but Brandt heard it like a bell, and he felt the spasming start in his loins. He saw Nick duck back behind the camera, and he knew he was back on. He dried himself, even patting down his cock and balls without being prompted by Nick.“All right,” Nick said as they walked, “We’re going to shoot in the master bedroom today. We’ll take it slow and make sure you’re comfortable, okay? He was afraid if he tried to speak he would yak up his breakfast. So you can ask me questions if you need to, and I can give you suggestions. Now just go do your thing, and I’ll be watching.” He felt Nick pull away from his ear, and then lean back in. The only way out of this bizarre, oversexed, fucked-up place was to just get it done. He tensed his abs to bring it closer—he was chasing it down, he was going to grab it, choke the life out of it—and warmth spread across his body from his groin.It’s a great room—big sunken tub, this shower with water shooting all over the place, and a big window so there’s lots of good light on the bed.” Nick’s every word made Brandt’s stomach hurt even worse as he followed him down the hall. Determined to salvage some actual police work from the wreckage, he pulled out his cell and typed a message to Donnelly: “Drake, Tim. All we really want to see is how you come across on camera, okay? He stood, not knowing at all what he was supposed to do. “I’m totally hard for you, by the way,” he whispered. As he moved to the bed, he noticed with some surprise that there were goose bumps all down his left arm. His chest began to tighten, and his pecs stood up round and taut as every fiber of his being reached out for this orgasm.

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