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if perhaps u-u-until Christopher Robin gets back... But you already are the very best of my best friends. Stand back, this is gonna take a world's record bounce. Being a second-rate bouncer is not what tiggers Iike best.

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A time of hot-chocolaty mornings and toasty-marshmallow evenings. # For ever and ever # Is a very long time, Pooh [chuckles] # Forever isn't long at all # When I'm with you [laughs] # I wanna call your name forever # And you will always answer forever # And both of us will be Forever you and me # For ever and ever [creaking, pop] # I wanna stay like this forever [Pooh Iaughs] # If only I could promise forever [Iaughing echoes] # Then we could just be we # Forever you and me [both] # For ever and ever # For ever and ever # Is a very long time, Pooh [Pooh chuckles] # Forever isn't long at all, Christopher # When I'm with you [Pooh chuckles] # I wanna be with you forever [echoes] # I want you right here beside me forever # One thing you should know # No matter where I go # We'll always be together # For ever and ever # [narrator] And so they stayed together, doing all the things a boy and a bear could do. Well, I'm told it means going along, Iistening to all of the things you can't hear, and not bothering. Christopher Robin, what exactly is "doing nothing"? This is sort of a nothing thing we're doing right now. I believe when a question becomes this sticky, I should ask my very good friend... [creaking] That is, if it doesn't conquer me first.

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