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The opening date of the period is in theory fixed by whatever the earliest evidence of human occupation is.

This continues to be pushed earlier and is an object of continuing disagreement because of the ambiguity of most of the earliest evidence. Click here for a discussion of the Beringia routes from Asia to North America.) Traits: Small foraging bands; open sites; spear hunting. It was originally proposed for all pre-agricultural human societies of the Southwest.

Some call it "Proto-Pueblo." Because of the relatively unclear transition between P1 and P2, some authors merge them under the name "Early Pueblo." New traits: Some large villages, "unit pueblos," built of masonry above-ground (although often with associated pithouse chambers), containing room divisions of jacal or masonry; great kivas; basket working declines; cotton used for cloth; cradleboard comes into use among the Anasazi; cranial deformation.

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Ceramics: Plain gray cooking ware gradually predominates as corrugated ware goes out of production. Two ways of making black paint occur at the beginning already in BM3.Between about 10 vegetable colors came to predominate throughout central Anasazi territory.Ramos Polychrome, probably originating at Casas Grandes, is widely traded around that site and apparently made at other Chihuahua sites.Most writers regard this as an early phase of BM2, since there is little abrupt transition between this and the following phase.The term "Late [Desert] Archaic," extending from about 2000 BC to AD 200 or so, is preferred by some scholars as a more accurate division of time.

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