Who is serena williams dating now

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Williams ended up playing in the Australian Open whilst she was pregnant. And despite being in the early stages of pregnancy and not feeling great, Williams won all seven matches of the tournament.

When the test was positive, her very first thought was about tennis.

The tennis star ended up losing that tournament in straight sets (that's tennis speak for a very bad match), and fans immediately accused Drake of distracting her.

The rumors and accusations went flying—as did the hashtags—in half-joking, half-serious manners, but it was all absurd nonetheless. As anyone who's had a Hollywood breakup will tell you, being constantly followed and critiqued in a relationship does not a sustainable coupling make.

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and his fiancee, Serena Williams welcomed their first child on September 1. Mary’s Medical Center in Florida on Wednesday, August 30.

She was induced on Thursday night and gave birth to a baby girl on Friday.

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